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Hi, It is a service that is working to provide a service of updating current information and new knowledge posts through “TCP TIMES” from the year 2023. As well as with us, the Blog and publications that are spread in various ways around the world, by perusing them intelligently, draw something into life for your personality. We have also created an opportunity for you readers through “TCP TIMES”.

We strive to provide the best journalism, to inform and entertain our readers. We are committed to reporting accurately, fairly, and forcefully and always consider it our staff’s responsibility. It is a knowledge-sharing blog but we are always committed to socializing the right things.

The team including me. Constantly recording the truth for millions of readers all over the world. “TCP TIMES” stands for you, and we will definitely contribute actively to your information activities. “TCP TIMES” revealed for you is in the initial stage In this way, we will work with the sole aim of bringing updates based on feedback to you in the future.

As we strive to make it easy for readers around the world to discover who we are and what we believe in, the content we publish in “TCP TIMES” and the impact it has on society depend on the trust you place in us.

I, the editor-in-chief, am currently working as a journalist and we are working on the same goal of the group to make journalistic work more social through web development.

To contact us,

If you believe that something we have published is incorrect, please contact the editorial team.

Email: info.tcptimes.com


Phone: +094717124042

Write to “TCP Times”: TCP Time,26,Track 02,aralaganwila,polonnaruwa

Editor in Chief: Rajitha Piyumal

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